Miscellaneous Tools

Device42 QR Code Print Utility

The Device42 QR code print utility allows users to have fine grained control over printing QR codes using your defined Device42 print profiles or generate codes on a ad-hoc basis.

This is a Windows-based application (Microsoft Software Installer), and is compatible with Device42 9.6.0+ and above.

Current Version 1.0.4

Device42 search - browser addons

Device42 search add-on lets you simply search for an item in your Device42 instance. Just add your Device42 instance URL in options, and now you can highlight any word (like an IP address or device name or any other word), right click and search in Device42. It will take you to Device42 search page where you can now all the relevant results for that search word. This will help you quickly find an IP or device or serial # etc.

Current Chrome add-on Version 1.0.1
Current Firefox add-on Version 1.0.1