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Device42 Inc., a leader in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and DCIM Software Marketplace, delivers comprehensive, low cost solutions that helps companies automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of their IP-based Devices and non-IP Assets, whether physical, logical, or virtual. Device42 provides customers with understanding and advanced visualization of their infrastructure and its inter-dependencies, and centralizes data center knowledge into a single source of truth making IT ecosystems clearly visible, understandable, and controllable.

From its inception in 2010, Device42 has listened closely to customer needs and designed solutions that exceed customer expectations. As a result, a rapidly growing number of companies of all shapes and sizes use Device42 in over 50 countries.

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Raj Jalan

Raj Jalan

Founder & CEO

Raj Jalan, previously an IT consultant for numerous companies, recognized that many corporate data centers lacked the visibility and control they require to most effectively manage both planned and unplanned changes within their IT infrastructure.

When Raj looked for DCIM tools to help, he found very expensive, non-integrated point solutions that simply didn't deliver the functionality that data center managers require. This motivated him to start Device42.

Today, as CEO, Raj’s experience and insight continue to fuel Device42’s technology innovation and corporate growth.

When he’s not working, Raj enjoys running, photography, and board games -- with “Settlers of Catan” being his favorite.

Steve Shwartz

Steve Shwartz

Co-founder & CTO

Dr. Steve Shwartz has been the Chief Technology Officer for multiple successful high-technology organizations. In these roles, he also experienced the problems that ultimately led to the development of Device42.

Steve’s prior CTO experiences contribute to Device42’s comprehensive capabilities including: the ability to immediately determine application and departmental impact resulting from production outages, the ability to allocate IT costs to departments and projects, and Device42’s robust server password documentation and controls – to name a few.

Steve enjoys playing golf and basketball when he’s not behind the desk.

Raj Jalan

Al Rossini


Prior to Device42, Al Rossini provided executive-level sales and technical solution leadership at numerous private and public sector organizations. In these roles, Al’s management insight was instrumental in repeatedly enabling record sales growth, successful margin expansion, global team building, and successful product/service introductions.

Al’s proven expertise and practical experience are vital assets in Device42’s rapid, scalable, growth in global markets.

Al is an avid skier, cyclist, and regularly enjoys a competitive basketball game -- when he’s not tethered to his laptop.

Device42's Open Source Contributions

We have open sourced some of our work to help fellow System and Network Engineers & Administrators better manage their infrastructure and related documentation. These open source projects may be utilized independently or in conjunction with Device42 software.

More Info @ Device42 open-source software

We strive to improve Device42's CMDB DCIM software. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please email us at support@device42.com