New Device Ignore Rules Feature and Discovery Enhancements in v16.11.00

What to expect in v16.11.00:

  • A new Device Ignore Rules feature to ignore specified infrastructure during discovery
  • More Detailed VM Name Capture
  • Database Recovery Model Discovery
  • SNMP Discovery Updates

While it’s generally a bad thing to ignore anyone or anything, in the case of discovery, ignoring a part of your infrastructure can sometimes be required. This might be because the infrastructure isn’t really under your control, or you just don’t want it adding chaos to the picture of your IT estate. This release makes that simple. This release also includes enhancements to VM Name Capture, along with improvements to discover a database’s recovery model, and adds support for hardware from Avaya, Easton, Silver-Peak, and Fujitsu – continuing our commitment to the goal of complete infrastructure discovery.

Please find more information about these improvements and several bug fixes below.

Device Ignore Rules

In version 16.11 we’re happy to introduce global Device Ignore Rules in Device42. You can now create rules to ignore discovered infrastructure based on device name, OS name, MAC prefix or hardware model. This allows you to easily exclude infrastructure that cannot be excluded via best practices such as access control, service accounts, or discovery configuration. It also lets you exclude all systems of a particular OS, or all printers that are discovered through SNMP with a certain hardware model. More information can be found at

More Detailed VM Operating System Capturing

In VMWare discovery, we’ll now capture the guest VM operating systems through VMWare Tools’ VMWare OS Name when VMWare Tools is available.

Database Recovery Model Discovery Support Added

When doing detailed MS SQL Server discovery, Device42 will now also discover the Database Recovery Model. This will show up in the Database Instance section:

SNMP Updates

  • Avaya VoIP Phone SNMP Discovery support added – Model, Vendor, OS, OS Version, IP addresses, serial number, and port details.
  • Eaton Rack Monitoring Appliance SNMP Discovery support added.
  • Silver-Peak equipment has been added for basic SNMP discovery including firmware version, model, and serial number.
  • Fujitsu Eternus DX200 S3 SNMP discovery support has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases duplicate ports were being created on fabric extenders in discovery – resolved.
  • Reports previously did not work correctly when queried via the API if the reports had Japanese characters in them – resolved.
  • HPE PDU model H8B51A discovery support issue fixed.
  • The *nix agent had an issue where it would fail if there were special characters in the Sudo password – resolved.
  • Fixed an issue in some cases where the Windows agent was reporting an error with Netstat when evaluating UDP traffic.




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