ADFS support with SAML 2.0 in v13.6.2

We are excited to announce the following changes in v13.6.2

ADFS support for Single Sign On

If you are using Microsoft ADFS, you can now integrate that with Device42 single sign on using SAML 2.0.

Bulk/background delete for devices

You can now choose to delete devices in the background. If you are deleting a large # of devices – it might take forever depending on relations a device has and sometimes even time out. With this feature – you can just confirm the devices you want to delete and a background job gets added that goes on does the job while you attend to more important matters than taking out some measly servers.

Simplified device add UI

When adding a new device, you are now just presented with name and type, and once you add those fields – you will see all the relevant fields for that device type. No need to press save after adding name and type.

Subtype for hardware model type other

Hardware model also gets a reference to device subtype now. This way when you auto-discover device type others, you can pre-classify the subtype from hardware model or change device subtypes in bulk, by changing the underlying hardware model.

Use serial # as name for UCS discovered devices

You can now choose to use serial # for UCS discovered devices. Since UCS names can be same across different chassis, this will be a better option to use. And you can use hostname precedence in other discovery jobs to show the correct hostname for those devices.

Sync departments with endusers sync in AD/LDAP sync job

You can now choose what departments end uses belong to when you add them via AD/LDAP sync job.

Link local IPs

We are now ignoring all IPv6 and IPv4 link local IPs that are auto-discovered or added via the APIs. All fe8:: and 169.254.x.x addresses will now be ignored.

Option not to discover SFP as parts in SNMP discovery

You can now choose not to bring in SFP as parts in network auto-discovery.

S3 backups with hostname

If you running S3 backups in regions where V4 is supported, or you need to add specific region end point hostnames – you can now do that.

New AWS instance discovery option

Since instances discovered via Amazon AWS API and discovered via ssh or wmi had nothing in common – we end up creating duplicate devices if the name didn’t match. Now we have added an option in linux tool and agent to enable aws check from ssh – where it can find the instance ID and not create a duplicate devices via different discoveries.

DOQL changes

  • Add view_purchaselineitems_to_devices_v1 as doql view
  • Add certificates as doql view
  • Add deviceos as doql view

API changes

  • POST call with no body to /api/1.0/vlans/smart_merge_all

Bug Fixes

  • Telco circuit path was broken in some cases. Fixed.
  • SNMP jobs was not updating subnet category ID for discovered subnets. Fixed.
  • Agent for Mac was not getting updated properly. Fixed.
  • Adding source and destination ports for NAT IP was broken for high range ports. Fixed.
  • Fixed serial # and model detection for mac discovery.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from:

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