Storage connectivity discovery in v13.7.0

We are excited to announce the following changes in v13.7.0:

Storage connectivity discovery


Starting with v13.7.0 – we can now discover your HBA cards and WWN on the fiber ports on those cards. With fiber switches already supported via SNMP, you can now see and visualize what fiber ports from a server are connected where on a SAN/fibre switch. Please note that this initial release adds support for vmware and linux. The external windows discovery software doesn’t yet have this capability.

BIOS discovery


We have also added BIOS discovery in this release. Find out your firmware level/version. Support for linux to start with and WDS to follow.

Individual job status for running jobs and ability to cancel jobs

You can now see all the running jobs and the start time on Job Status page now. With that you will also be able to cancel running jobs.

Auto-clean rule for deleted admins

We have added a last updated timestamp for administrators. With that option, if you have AD/LDAP sync enabled and all your users are getting updated regularly – you can set an auto-clean rule to delete stale user accounts.

Better audit for objects added or changed via auto-discovery jobs


For any objects that are added or updated via auto-discovery, you will now be able to see which auto-discovery was done in the audit data. D42 Source will show the job category name and the ID. D42 URL will be the url of that job.

DOQL changes

  • patchpanelports added to DOQL

API changes

  • Added ‘first_name’, ‘last_name’, ‘is_staff’, ‘is_active’, ‘last_login’, ‘date_joined’ as optional columns for admins GET call

Bug Fixes

  • remote_port_clear in switchports api call was not clearing the connection both ways. Fixed.
  • Subtype for device was not getting associated for new devices based on hardware model subtype. Fixed.
  • AWS discovery was failing in some cases with software and services discovery. Fixed.


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