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Cisco ACI discovery support and other auto discovery enhancements in v13.8.2

We are excited to announce general availability of v13.8.2 with the following changes:

Support for CISCO ACI discovery

We have added support for Cisco ACI discovery. It uses Cisco ACI’s APIs to get the basic inventory information.

Auto Discovery support enhancements

  • Added or fixed support for auto discovery(SNMP) of the following:
    • Supermicro switches
    • IOLAN SCS Console Server
    • ICX6430
    • Dell F10
    • Dell (Force 10) S4048-ON switch
    • Fortinet 101E
    • Dell R730

Increased name field length

  • The name field has been increased to support up to 84 characters in the following objects:
    • Building
    • Room
    • Rack

Added support for Tags in DOQL and Webhooks

  • Added Webhook support to published tag changes and added ability to interpret tag changes with DOQL.

Support for external logging for access logs

  • Support added in Appliance Manager to configure Nginx access logs to a remote syslog server.  To setup and configure syslog, log into your Device42 Appliance Manager and click on the “Nginx Syslog Configuration” menu item. The direct path is (substitute your d42 instance DNS name or IP for ‘d42server’): https://d42server:4343/nginx_syslog/

configure nginx syslog

New columns for hardware models

  • Device counts column added  to the list of available columns in Hardware Models.

Increased flexibility for assigning EOL/EOS

  • Creating Operating System EOL/EOS has been modified to only require Operating System in both the UI and via API.

Subnet suggestion enhancements

  • Added api parameters to suggest subnet api call to respect allocated and assigned flags on parent subnet.  The Subnet Usage Tree UI will also visually display which subnets are assigned or allocated.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to enter high port ranges while modifying a SNMP Autodiscovery Job. Fixed.
  • IP labels not saving when adding an IP to a Device. Fixed.
  • Unable to sync with Active Directory users if end user location contained long values. Fixed.
  • Unable to retrieve Power Draw stats from Power Appliance. Fixed
  • VMWare Discovery VMs/Hosts not added if vSphere is using folders. Fixed
  • Port connectivity path breaks between some Telco circuits and patch panels. Fixed
  • Performance issues after discovering some UPS devices.  Fixed
  • Increased IPMI/Redfish scan scope to /16. Fixed
  • Appliance manager web server restart was not happening with restart from the console menu. Fixed.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from: /update/

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from: /download/

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