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Proxy setting for RC, bug fixes in RC 18.13.01

Proxy setting for RC, bug fixes in RC 18.13.01

Release Date: February 7, 2024

Release Overview

The Remote Collector (RC) v18.13.01 release provides better management of proxy settings between the Main Appliance(MA) and the RC along with several bug fixes. The most recent Main Appliance (MA) version was v18.13, released January 31, 2024.

To download the Remote Collector v18.13.01, please visit

RC Features in v18.13.01

The Device42 v18.13.01 RC includes 

  • RC Proxy Usage: The new version of the Remote Collector (RC) will allow more advanced and consistent Proxy management in line with the 18.13 MA release.  This will allow finer grained proxy configurations for various network requirements.

  • SNMP discoveries of Fortinet FortiGate firewalls will now list configured VDOMs within the ‘Virtuals’ tab of the device.

Bug Fixes in v18.13.01

  • Dell MX7000 discovery can now return Blade slot association.

  • Cisco Catalyst C29 switch trunk ports VLANS can now be discovered.

  • Large DB2 discoveries could exceed file limits on the RC.  The file limit on the RC has now been increased allowing completion of larger DB discoveries.

  • SNMP scans for IPv6 targets were causing an error.  SNMP discovery can now be performed with IPv6 targets using both the full and shortened IPV6 address.

  • During SNMP discovery, some Super Micro servers were incorrectly discovered as Aten devices.

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