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Thrilled to Join Forces with Freshworks in the Future: A Message from Device42 CEO

Thrilled to Join Forces with Freshworks in the Future: A Message from Device42 CEO

We are excited to announce that Device42 has signed a definitive agreement to join the Freshworks family! Combining Device42’s industry-leading IT Infrastructure discovery and mapping with Freshworks’ suite of products is truly a win-win combination for both customers and partners.

I am sure you are wondering what this means for you and your organization after the transaction’s closing (which is expected to occur later in Q2).  The best answer is business as usual.  We will continue to operate as a separate business unit within Freshworks with the same teams you already know and work with. We will maintain our commitment to a high level of service and responsiveness for our customers and partners. We very much appreciate you putting your trust in us and will continue to work every day to earn that trust.

Our approach to partnerships remains steadfast, and we will honor all our contracts and commitments.  We will continue to provide comprehensive training and support to our partners, ensuring that we remain ‘easy to do business with’.

We will continue to support and invest in our products. We plan to continue executing the current roadmap, adding feature improvements, fully supporting our API and integration development efforts, and resolving issues—the same as we have been doing for the last ten years.

Once the deal closes, stay tuned for future announcements on product innovations of a grander and accelerated scale that we could not achieve alone. 

To be clear to all of our ITSM partners: We plan to continue collaborating in the same manner in sales support for joint customer pursuits. We also plan to continue to support and improve our technical product integrations.

Stay tuned for further details in the coming months!

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