Author Raj Jalan

September 26, 2014 8:21am

CVE-2014-7169 patch for bash with v5.10.2

v5.10.2 now has the CVE-2014-7169 patch. Please grab the update file from: Other changes in v5.10.2 Better handling for device urls In the earlier versions,... Read More

September 25, 2014 6:30pm

Bash shellshock CVE-2014-6271 vulnerability patch with v5.10.1

v5.10.1 is now available for CVE-2014-6271 fix. Please grab the update file from: Other changes in v5.10.1 are discussed below. New reports We have added... Read More

September 17, 2014 2:40pm

A ground-up rewrite of the .Net tool for better auto-discovery with v5.0.0

We have re-written auto-discovery tool with v5.0.0 and added separate settings for each range and added more range types. This and other changes are discussed below.... Read More

September 15, 2014 4:30pm

Active Directory and LDAP user sync and improved patch panel layouts with v5.10.0

In v5.10.0, the Active Directory / LDAP sync enables you to create Administrators and End Users automatically. Patch panel layouts have also been improved quite a... Read More

September 8, 2014 4:11pm

Circuit Custom Fields and API enhancements in v5.9.3

We are excited to release custom fields for circuits. This and other changes in v5.9.3 are discussed below. Custom fields for circuits Custom fields for circuits... Read More

August 29, 2014 12:56pm

Outscale cloud discovery and Openssl vulnerability fix with v5.9.2

Brief summary of changes in v5.9.2 is below. Outscale cloud discovery Cloud auto-discovery now supports instances from Outscale. Openssl vulnerability fix We have patched the CVE-2014-0224... Read More

July 31, 2014 10:29am

Telecom circuit tracking and audit ready rack exports with v5.9.0

You can now track your telco circuits and generate audit ready exports for your racks. These and more changes in v5.9.0 are discussed below. Telecom Circuit... Read More

July 14, 2014 9:05am

Backup to Amazon S3 and schedule multiple backups with v5.8.2

We are excited to announce the availability of v5.8.2 with new features, API improvements and bug fixes. Detailed notes on the changes are discussed below. Backup... Read More

June 19, 2014 2:53pm

IP Address Management enhancements and Preserved Navigation with v5.8.1

Preserved navigation is finally here! This and more exciting changes in v5.8.1 are discussed below. Subnet % Used visualization and sorting The subnet list view now... Read More

June 12, 2014 9:10am

Device discovery for IPMI, IBM Blade Center and Redhat virtualization with v5.8.0

We have added a few more device discovery options in v5.8.0 to help with automation of your data center documentation. New auto-discovery methods and other changes... Read More