Author Raj Jalan

July 21, 2016 7:31pm

Audit log redo for better data with v10.3.0

We are excited to announce v10.3.0 with major changes concerning the audit history function. More details below, but importantly please note that the existing history api... Read More

July 6, 2016 6:40pm

New API endpoint for software license management in v10.2.1

v10.2.1 bring following changes to Device42. New API endpoints for software components and software licenses GET, POST and DELETE call added for software components: /api/1.0/software/ GET... Read More

July 1, 2016 3:43pm

ATEN PDU support and more RITTAL PDU models with v3.0.2 of Device42 power appliance

We are excited to announce v3.0.2 of the power appliance with the following changes. ATEN PDU support We have added support for ATEN PDUs. You can... Read More

July 1, 2016 3:42pm

Service dependency report and api changes in v10.2.0

We are excited to announce v10.2.0 with the following changes: 64 bit only support starting with v10.2.0 We have made some major backend changes that will... Read More

June 10, 2016 9:23am

SCCM integration and enhanced hostname options in device auto discovery tool v10.1.1

We are excited to announce available of v10.1.1 of the .net auto-discovery software for enhanced device discovery. All the changes are discussed below. SCCM integration Integration... Read More

June 8, 2016 5:38pm

Bug fixes in v10.1.1

v10.1.1 has following fixes: Re-saving a certificate was giving validation error. Now fixed. With multi-tenancy disabled, device and FQDN for certs was not showing up on... Read More

June 2, 2016 3:22pm

Automated Certificate Management and enhanced Spare Parts module in v10.1.0

We are excited to announce better SSL certificate management and other changes in v10.1.0 as listed below. Automated SSL Certificate Management The following additions/changes have been... Read More

May 19, 2016 12:43pm

API changes and bug fixes in v10.0.1

v10.0.1 is now available with the following changes. Certificate changes “Issued by” parameter in certificates has been renamed to “Parent Certificate” for clarification. In the api... Read More

May 12, 2016 9:50pm

Enhanced auto-discovery tool v10.0.6 with option to save profiles and passwords

.Net auto-discovery tool has been completely re-built for faster performance and has more options as discussed below. Save all credentials in one location You can now... Read More

May 12, 2016 5:12pm

Deep application dependency mappings now available as an add-on module with v10.0.0

We are super excited to release our deep application dependency add-on module with v10.0.0. More details and other changes in v10.0.0 below Deep application dependency mappings... Read More