Author Matt Altieri

January 25, 2017 12:05pm

Top 20 Data Center Migration Mistakes To Avoid

Data center migrations aren’t a regular thing for most employees. Depending on the kinds of companies you work for and roles you hold, you might participate... Read More


January 19, 2017 11:40am

Creating Move Groups With New Features In v11.6.0

Determining application interdependencies is a key step in planning a move, and Device42 has been able to help you with this step for a long time.... Read More

January 18, 2017 4:40pm

Application Mapping For A Smooth Migration

Today’s technology-centric enterprises depend heavily on their business applications and the infrastructure that supports them. Unplanned outages, therefore, have a much larger impact on a typical... Read More


January 17, 2017 2:38pm

IBM, HP, and Lenovo Support Added To Device42 Warranty Check Script

**2018 UPDATE: Automatic Dell, IBM, HP, and Lenovo warranty check / warranty auto-discovery is now built right into the Device42 UI!** See the latest Automatic Warranty... Read More


January 17, 2017 2:37pm

Updated RackTables to Device42 Migration Script

The RackTables migration script was just updated, and is now even more powerful. It takes inventory information from your RackTables installation, and sends it to Device42’s... Read More

January 12, 2017 2:48pm

Overcoming “Silo” effects and De-duplicating efforts with Device42

  The Silo Effect   The “Silo effect” is the term coined for disconnection or lack of communication either among individual members of a team, or... Read More

January 10, 2017 5:37pm

The Power of Device42’s New Auto-Clean Rules

Keeping CIs up-to-date: A Constant Challenge Keeping the state of your network documentation up to date is always a challenge. Device42’s continuous auto discovery eliminates most... Read More


January 9, 2017 1:49pm

Integration: Sync Device42 Configuration Items to ServiceNow Express

If you currently use ServiceNow Express, you can now easily migrate and synchronize your Device42 Configuration Items to ServiceNow Express with our new open source migration... Read More


January 9, 2017 11:48am

Make ServiceNow better by syncing CI data from Device42

If you currently use Device42 and ServiceNow, or have recently acquired either, you can now easily synchronize your Configuration Items between the two with our new... Read More


January 5, 2017 4:56pm

Automation Examples Using Device42’s Ansible Dynamic Inventory Script

We are very excited to release another new Ansible script that will make automating tasks with Ansible easier than ever, leveraging Device42’s up to date inventory... Read More