Dependency mapping enhancements for load balanced apps and FIPS-140-2 compliance with v14.3.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.3.0 with the following changes:


Load Balancer Service/Application Topology

We have enhanced Service/Application topology to properly reflect dependencies that go through a load balancer (an F5, for example) so that you can properly determine what LB backed services are being used.


FIPS 140-2 Compliance Information

We have enhanced Certificate Auto-Discovery jobs to import additional information to help with FIPS 140-2 certification.  Certificate Auto-Discovery will now report enabled ciphers for each device using a particular certificate. This information can be viewed in the Device Certificates section of the Certificate detail page Software>Certificates>Certificates and can also be added as a column to any Certificate Report.


Enhanced Switch Impact Charts with Filtering

We re-imagined the network device impact chart with more flexibility and options. You now have the option to hide ports with no connections. Also, you can quickly trace connectivity between 2 (or more) devices by using the input boxes on the top.



Trace a Path Between Two Devices in Application Topology Maps


VMWare Notes

In VMWare Auto-Discovery, we have added the option to sync notes.  These notes will be saved as device notes but will not be overwritten if they have previously been manually saved in D42.  VMWare Auto-Discovery can be configured in Tools>Auto-Discovery>Hypervisors/*nix/win


AWS Actions for Instances Not Found

A new option is now available for AWS Cloud Auto-Discovery to customize what happens to instances not found in the cloud.  You may select to either Change the status of the device or Delete instance when a previously discovered instance is no longer found in subsequent discoveries. Cloud Auto-Discovery can be configured in Tools>Auto-Discovery>Cloud.


Remove Blade Host via Device API

You are now able to remove the blade host association for a device via a post request to api/1.0/device/ endpoint and providing the new parameter blade_host_clear with a value of yes.


Log-rotate for Nginx logs

We have added Nginx local logs to log rotate to reduce their size and make them more manageable.


Certificate Information

We have enhanced certificate Auto-Discovery to import ciphers.  Certificate ciphers can be viewed in the Device Certificates section of the Certificate detail page Software>Certificates>Certificates.  In addition, this information can also be added to a Certificate Report.


SNMP Enhancements

  • Added additional parts support for Arista Chassis
  • Added support for SNMPv3 to RC


Bug Fixes

  • Linked attachments could result in a 404 after a database restore. Fixed.
  • Search results could return links that 404’d for found services. Fixed.
  • VMWare discovery was not properly setting service level if “Action for VM not found” was set to Change Service Level. Fixed.
  • Windows agent was not pulling in OS version and Version Number. Fixed.
  • Power trends page occasionally reported “No Data Found” after enabling monitoring for discovered PDUs. Fixed.
  • Device mappings could not be changed on manually created PDUs. Fixed.
  • The cloud virtual machine subtype was not correct. Fixed.
  • Logical ports were showing up on the Impact Chart when connected to the same physical port. Fixed.


Latest Device42 Update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from:


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