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June 18, 2013 11:47am

Improved data center visualization with upcoming changes to room view

v5.0.0 of Device42’s data center infrastructure management software will contain some significant changes to the way racks and other objects behave in the room view. These... Read More

May 31, 2013 9:02am

Simpler API helper python script to import data from CSV file

Based on feedback, we have simplified the API helper script to upload data to device42 instance from a csv file. The new script now has only... Read More

May 9, 2013 3:06pm

Backup using SFTP and other appliance manager enhancements with v4.3.5

We have added an option to schedule the device42 backups using SFTP in v4.3.5. Other enhancements to the appliance manager and the app are also discussed... Read More

May 8, 2013 12:07pm

Save and schedule option for device42 auto-discovery client

Starting with v3.0.0 beta, you can save and schedule windows and linux discovery(individually) as discussed below. D42AutoDisc as a service We have changed the D42Autodisc to... Read More

May 3, 2013 12:30am

SNMP discovery using a range of IPs with v4.3.4

Based on the feedback from Alex, we have added optional end IP and mask bits to the network snmp auto-discovery. It makes it easier to discover... Read More

April 8, 2013 6:29am

Improved network auto-discovery and switch impact visualization with v4.3.2

SNMP network discovery now includes option to get all switch ports with remote port connectivity and up/down status. Changes in v4.3.2 are discussed below. Changes to... Read More

March 27, 2013 8:50pm

IP address management from the command line

Starting with v4.3.1, we have introduced find and suggest IP address using REST APIs. Now IP address management can be done via bash using curl. Of... Read More

March 26, 2013 4:09pm

VMware auto-discovery for automated data center inventory management with v4.3.1

You can now automate another aspect of your data center inventory with device42. v4.3.1 includes VMware auto-discovery using VMware APIs. This feature and other changes are... Read More

March 20, 2013 4:00pm

Introducing device aliases for easier data center inventory with v4.3.0

Automating the data center inventory using different channels sometimes results in finding the same device under different names. This often causes device info spread out across... Read More

March 5, 2013 11:34am

Easier data center planning with improved rack layouts in v4.2.0

Data center planning and provisioning have been simplified with the release v4.2.0. The rack layout functionality has been enhanced with the addition of hovers that provide... Read More