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VMware auto-discovery for automated data center inventory management with v4.3.1

You can now automate another aspect of your data center inventory with device42. v4.3.1 includes VMware auto-discovery using VMware APIs. This feature and other changes are discussed below.

vmware auto-discovery


You can now query your vCenter server(s) or ESX Server(s) to grab host and vm info. Basic host hardware info and vm device details are discovered and added/updated to your device42 instance automatically. Available at Tools > Auto-discovery > vServer

Improved network auto-discovery

Network auto-discovery has been improved to account for stacked switches. Now stacked switches are added as part of the cluster switch. Also, there was a bug where if serial # or manufacturer were not found in auto-discovery, the task failed. That bug has been fixed in this version.

IP address management from the command line

Now, you can do IP address management from the command line using the following two API calls:

  • Find out if an IP exists in device42 or not using new search API for IP addresses. Use a POST call to /api/1.0/search/ with the following arguments: query=ip and string=<IP address>
  • Get a suggestion on what IP to use for assignment. Use a POST call to /api/1.0/suggest_ip/ with the following arguments: subnet=<network/mask_bits >or subnet_id.

We will discuss these more in an upcoming blog post.

Other API changes

  • ‘notes’ added to device add/change API call.
  • Get device details using device name from this API: /api/1.0/device/name/<name>/

Automate your data center inventory today!

Get started with automated data center inventory management today with device42 v4.3.1.
Current users can grab the update file from device42 update page.

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