Subnet dashboard, improved custom field filters and freeze pane in v9.4.0

We are excited to announce following changes in v9.4.0

Subnet dashboards

We have added new subnet dashboards that give you fragmentation chart and bubble charts based on assignment and allocation of the subnets. You can group the charts with different criteria like custom fields, tags or other fields. This is available under Reports > Dashboards

Custom field filters

We have added individual custom field based filters based on popular demand. In earlier version all the custom fields were lumped together in a single filter.

Freeze pane or sticky headers for the list pages

When scrolling down on large list pages, the column header row including search, actions and filters stays on top for better user experience.

Standard and Reverse Device Orientation

We had orientation as a field when mounting a device, asset or PDU to the rack, but it didn’t determine which way should the face plate face, especially for half-width devices. We have added an new option called “reversed” that gives you an option on the faceplate orientation.

Autodiscovery support for Cumulus switches

Added support for Dell Cumulus switches in network auto-discovery.

UI changes

Added assets tab for related assets on device view pages for blade, virtual and other device types.
Added last updated and not updated filters on MAC address list page.

API changes

  • subnet GET and POST/PUT calls now have allocated and assigned as fields.
  • reversed added in device to rack, PDU to rack or asset to rack GET/POST calls.

Bug Fixes

  • IPMI was failing for very large networks. Now fixed.
  • Ping sweep was not completely for large networks. Now fixed.
  • Background job processor daemon was not being restarted correctly. Now fixed.
  • Changing device type in bulk for multiple unknown devices created weird history log. Fixed.
  • Virtuals tab was not visible on view page for a hypervisor. Now fixed.
  • User was able to create new custom fields without the permission. Now fixed.

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