API changes and bug fixes in v10.0.1

v10.0.1 is now available with the following changes.

Certificate changes

“Issued by” parameter in certificates has been renamed to “Parent Certificate” for clarification. In the api call, issued_by will still work (for backward compatibility), but we have added parent_cert as the api parameter.

API changes

  • tags and tags_and filters added to parts GET api call
  • tags and tags_remove added to parts POST call

Bug Fixes

  • Power draw used to disappear after rack mounting a PDU. This is fixed and for current data, this will be back after the next polling cycle runs for affected Power units.
  • Tags are not sorted by name in the filter list.
  • Adding cost with decimals via api for purchase records was failing. Fixed.

Download latest version of Device42

Current users can grab the latest update file from: /update/

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