Multi forest domain authentication and other updates for .Net auto-discovery tool in v10.5.0

Following changes are part of v10.5.0 Release for .net auto-discovery tool:

Multi forest domain authentication support


If you are running discovery based on domain server and you have multi-forest domain, you can now choose which LDAP server and credentials to use for a particular discovery.

Enhanced data capture for application dependency mappings


With this release, we are capturing lot more connection data between services to get you stats on how “chatty” a connection is over a period of time.

Solaris Sparc HDD support

Solaris Sparc HDD is now supported with this release. Just re-run the discovery to see the disks. User should have sudo access to format command.

Software discovery for mac

We have also added support to discover software on mac machines.

Bug fixes

  • Calculation for HDD units was wrong. Now fixed.
  • Some commands that required sudo were failing to gather data. Now fixed.
  • Linux kernel # added as OS ver #.

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