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Better summary of scanned ranges with .Net based remote collector for auto-discovery in v11.5.0

We are excited to announce following changes in v11.5.0 of the .Net based remote collector.

Summary of scanned ranges with search, filters and export


Under the Information tab, you will now see a Summary screen that shows you the most recent 1000 IPs (or hostnames) that were discovered. You also have option to filter the results based on what worked and what didn’t work. Here is a quick explanation of the columns:

  • Discovery: This is Job name @ IP address
  • TCP Ping: Whether TCP ping to that machine was successful or not.
  • Authenticated: This will be False if there was an authentication issue connecting to that machine.
  • Discovered: Whether we were able to run discovery against that machine or not.
  • Errors: A machine might connection might have succeeded, but there were some failures e.g. application discovery). This will show you the error count for that job.
  • Sent to D42: If data was successfully sent to D42 or not.
  • Date: Timestamp of discovery.

You can filter the job results using the options on that screen. For example, if you want to get a list of all the machines where authentication failed but TCP ping succeeded. And you can also export the list to CSV.

There is also a search option to filter the results based on IP address. This is helpful if the range is rather large and also goes beyond 1000 machines.

Support for Windows 2016 Hyper-V server

We have added support for Windows 2016 Hyper-V server with this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix services parse and some sofwate date issues. If multiple install dates are found for a single software – only latest one is processed now.
  • Added COMODO root cert to install – this way you don’t require internet access to install the .net tool
  • SSH key based authentication was failing in certain cases. Now fixed.

Automatic device discovery with Device42

You can download the latest version of .Net based remote collector from: /software/autodiscovery/

If you haven’t given Device42 a spin yet, discover all your devices on your network now with a free 30 day trial from: /download/

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