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Integration: Sync Device42 Configuration Items to ServiceNow Express

If you currently use ServiceNow Express, you can now easily migrate and synchronize your Device42 Configuration Items to ServiceNow Express with our new open source migration script. This python script connects to your Device42 Instance, reads Configuration Item (CI) data, and sends it to ServiceNow Express. This synchronization can be manually run to refresh data at any time, or can be scheduled (via crontab, for example) to run automatically.

The script can be run on any Windows or Linux instance with Python 2.7.x (detailed requirements below).

A summary of the information below and can also be found on our ServiceNow Express to Device42 Migration GitHub page, and full details can be found in the README.MD file in the linked repository.


About the script:


  • The script assumes that you are running ServiceNow Express v1.2.1 or newer
  • This script works with Device42 or newer


  • python 2.7.x
  • requests (you can install it with $ pip install requests or $ apt-get install python-requests)
  • A working Device42 & ServiceNow Express installation


  1. Copy or rename the sample mapping.xml.sample1 to mapping.xml
  2. Add ServiceNow and Device42 URL and credentials to the mapping.xml file:


                url="ServiceNow Express URL"
                user="SN Express USERNAME"
                password="SN Express PASS"/>
                url="Device42 URL"
                user="D42 USERNAME"
                password="D42 PASS"/>


  1. Run the script with $ python


Compatibility and Other Info

  • Script will run on Linux and Windows


  • mapping.xml – file that sets relations between Device42 and ServiceNow Express
  • – file that describes how fields should be migrated
  • – initialization and processing file; prepares API calls
  • API endpoints are set in
  • Each section in mapping.xml has a `task enable` section that can be either true or false. Changing this setting enables or disables sync for that section
  • Within each section, there exists a field mapping. Resource refers to D42 API parameter, and target means ServiceNow Express field name [these are hard-coded in SN Express]. For complete information, consult the README.MD file on GitHub.


This ServiceNow Express Integration mapping / sync script is provided as-is without any support. We do provide fee-based professional services/support if you need help with this script. To find out more please email [email protected] with subject ServiceNow Express script support.


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