API changes and bug fixes in v13.1.1

Following changes are in v13.1.1

API additions/changes

  • add full_path_list to ports GET API call /api/1.0/switchports/?include_cols=full_path_list
  • add full_path_list to circuits GET API call /api/1.0/circuits/
  • add auth_type to /api/1.0/adminusers/ API GET endpoint

For circuits added following to GET call:

If origin is connected to vendor:

  • origin_id(as vendor ID), origin_type as vendor and origin_vendor as vendor name

If end is connected to vendor:

  • end_point_id (as vendor ID), end_point_type as vendor and end_point_vendor as vendor name.


Added following for the POST call:

  • origin_type and end_point_type now accepts vendor
  • and origin_id and end_point_id should be ID of the vendor.

Ping sweep added for range based SNMP auto-discoveries jobs

If you running SNMP jobs on large IP ranges, we have added an option to pre-filter IPs based on ping sweep. This will help with scanning that range quickly.

New dashboard widget for queued jobs


If you are running auto-discovery for tens of thousands of devices, this new dashboard widget will give you an idea on how fast the queue is moving. You can also see the same from Reports > Job Status page.

Bug Fixes

  • Various auto-discovery bugs around remote collector have been fixed.
  • Change label “Display metric power values” to “Display temperature values in Centigrade” in Global settings.

Update for v13.1.1

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

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