Expand and collapse impact lists and better job management in v13.3.3

We had a few auto-discovery edge cases in previous versions in which some auto-discovery jobs could run for a longer than normal time. We are happy to announce general availability of v13.3.3 with fixes for this issue and other changes.

Better auto-discovery job handling

Logs generated from large auto-discovery jobs were causing some issues that resulted in jobs remaining in the running state for a long time. We have added two measures to handles this:

  • The background processing daemon now has more memory allocated to it.
  • Should a job log get too big, it is not passed to the UI. Instead, it is stored in files that can be retrieved as part of the log bundle.

Collapsible impact lists

Based on user feedback, we have introduced a tree view for the device impact list. By default only the direct services are loaded and you can expand at any level of the node to get further details. This also reduces the load time for pages with large numbers of impacted nodes. This change also improves the usability of the impact list.

Option to disable audit logging

You can now set log integration to null logging – that will stop the system from generating audit logs. Previous entries stay in the system. Please note that webhooks will not work with this setting.

Bug Fixes

  • On patch panel ports list page, the full path nodes were not clickable. Fixed.
  • If you added a vrf group to an auto-discovery job in DNS, you couldn’t use it for another DNS job. Fixed.
  • The end IP on view pages for *nix jobs was not showing. Fixed.
  • Added all platforms (Docker, Nutanix, Windows, etc.) to the import sheet for auto-disc jobs.
  • Fixed circuit path display issues.
  • Fixed OS EOL/EOS/Support end date on the operating system page.
  • DNS records on IP address pages will work with or without vrf groups now. If a DNS zone and IPs are part of same VRF then it needs to match to show, otherwise should a DNS zone have no VRF while the IP does – DNS records still show.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from:

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