Security updates with v13.4.5

We are happy to announce general availability of v13.4.5 with the following changes:

Security Updates

This updates fixes following CVE vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2016-0742
  • CVE-2016-0746
  • CVE-2016-0747

Auto-discovery changes

  • Docker containers are now marked as not in service if status is “exited” or “dead”.
  • Amazon AWS discovery now brings in subnets with VRF groups.

API changes

  • Remote_collector_id added for auto-discovery job POST calls.
  • support json and markup in custom fields put calls

Bug Fixes

  • There was a race condition issue in suggest_ip call, which is now fixed. If a race condition occurs, one of the client machines requesting IP will get a 500 error and you should make sure that your script is ready to handle that scenario and retry getting the IP.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from:

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