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Google Cloud Platform support in v13.8.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v13.8.0 with the following changes.

Google Cloud Platform auto-discovery


Google Cloud auto-discovery is finally here. Just add the credentials using the password field (for the key file), zones etc. and you can discover all your GCE VMs with the relevant cloud info. Just like AWS EC2 instances, VMs are added a virtual devices along with cloud information inline in Device42.

Openstack cloud discovery enhancement

If you have multiple projects or tenants within openstack, we have added an option to auto-discover all automatically. Based on the user permissions we will find instances across all the projects or tenants. One project/tenant name, preferably the default one is still required.

Support for multiple header key/value pairs for webhooks


You can now add multiple header entries for sending the webhooks from Device42. This gives you flexibility when adding integration with external tools.

More custom fields

We have added custom fields for following:

  • Software
  • Software in use
  • Services
  • Service Instance

Disk space alert on the dashboard limited to superusers only

Based on user feedback, we have changed the disk space threshold alert to be shown only to the super users in Device42. If you are logged in as non-super, you will not see that alert.

API changes

  • Added delete API call for audit log data /api/1.0/auditlogs/

DOQL changes

  • Added view_pduports_v1 to DOQL views
  • Added topology_status to GET call for /api/1.0/services/

Security Updated

  • Disabled the weak encryption algorithms for ssh
  • Added secure cookie for appliance manager

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed physical/logical type detection for bridge interfaces on Cumulus devices auto-discovety.
  • Fixed `os_ver` and `osverno` detection on newer cumulus devices.

Scan all your cloud infrastructure with Device42

Looking for a CMDB for the cloud era? Get started with a free trial of Device42: /download/

Current customers can grab the latest update file from: /update/


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