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Ability to Set Backup LDAP Server in v14.2.1

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.2.1 with the following changes:

Backup LDAP/Active Directory Server

We have added the ability to specify a Backup Server for your Active Directory/LDAP Settings.  This backup server will be used when the primary server fails to sync.

Devices associated with a password via API

We have added the list of device ids associated with a password to /api/1.0/passwords/.  The device ids will be returned in a new array field called device_ids.

Devices API returns module slot number

Module slot numbers have been added to the /api/1.0/devices/id/ api if the device is a blade chassis and you are using the follow=yes query parameter.


Assign Software Suite to Software via API

You can now manage your Software’s Software Suite via api/1.0/software/.  Two new parameters have been added, namely, software_suite_id and software_suite_name to specify the software suite that your software should be associated with.  Note that if software_suite_id is used, the name parameter will be ignored.


Port Aliases on Port Reports

You can now add the column Port Aliases on a Port Report and additionally choose to display each Alias on a separate line.


Device Part Slots

You can now see the slot a part is on in the Device page > Parts tab.

Ability to Limit Audit Logging / History

You can now turn off audit logging by Model / CI category. Simply select a category to exclude, and audit logs will no longer be generated for that Model / CI type. You can find this feature under REPORTS –> History (Audit Log) Exclusions:

Bug Fixes

  • Not able to change circuit type via API.  Fixed
  • Blade Slot # column is sorted alphabetically rather than numerically.  Fixed
  • Racking a monitored PDU disables monitoring for PDU.  Fixed
  • Issues importing Ping Sweep via XLS or API.  Fixed


Known Issues

Windows and Unix Auto-discovery jobs scheduled to run with “Service Port Only” option enabled do not work but they don’t have any impact nor do they affect other discoveries.


Latest Device42 update

Customers, grab the latest update file from: /update/

New to Device42? Download a free trial from: /download/


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