DOQL access for non-super users and API changes in v14.5.0

We are excited to announce the following enhancements in Device42 v14.5.0:


DOQL access for non-super users

Non-super users can now run DOQL queries. Object access is limited by their functional permissions (and further restricted by multi-tenancy).


Performance enhancements for multi-tenancy

This comes with a big backend change to process multi-tenancy rules faster.


Don’t propagate option for buildings and rooms

If you are using multi-tenancy, you can select an option to not propagate permissions down to child objects from the building or the room level.

SVG export for racks (which can be imported into Visio)

You can now SVG export your rack images. Check out this post to learn how to import your exported SVG files into Visio.


View password event now available in webhooks

If you want to monitor who viewed a password in an external system, you can now enable the “view” webhook type to do just that.


Auto-discovery enhancements

  • Instance name added to AWS autodiscovery. It can be found in the ‘cloud info’ section. If you have a different hostname than the instance tag name in the AWS console, it will now capture that.
  • Added service level and customer selection to all hypervisor related auto-discovery jobs



API Changes

  • Added aliases_remove to devices POST call that takes a CSV (comma separated values) of aliases to be removed from that device.
  • Added outlet_name to GET and POST calls to power_units API calls.
  • Added API calls for TAP ports and model changes.



Bug Fixes


Unicode characters in the server field in auto-discovery jobs were creating issues in some edge cases. Now fixed.


Latest Device42 update

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