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New and Improved Zendesk Integration in v14.16.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.16.0 with the following changes:


Zendesk Integration

We have added Zendesk integration directly into Device 42 to allow you to create ticket directly from within Device42.  You can configure the Zendesk integration by heading to TOOLS >External Integrations and creating an integration of the type “Zendesk”, and configuring the connection to your Zendesk instance.

You will also need to install the Device42 app in your Zendesk instance once it becomes available for download by Zendesk (currently pending in the approval process).  Please contact Device42 support if you need access to the Device42 Zendesk app sooner.  Once configured, you can create and view Zendesk tickets from most screens in Device42, and can also view attached Device42 CIs directly from Zendesk.  Supported Device42 CIs include: Device, Rack, PDU, Part, Asset, Room, Building, Customer, End Users, Purchase, IP Address, VLAN, Netport, and AppComp.

Change external integration

zendesk integration 2

zendesk integration 3

sFlow Support in NetFlow Collector

We have added experimental support for sFlow in the netflow collector


Search Parts by Asset Number

You may now find a part using its Asset Number directly from the Global Search.

Search parts by asset no

Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @ /update/

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!


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