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Oracle Cloud Support added in v15.20.00

We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v15.20.00 with the following changes:

Oracle on Cloud Recommendation Engine


Oracle Cloud support added to Cloud Recommendation Engine

This release adds Oracle Cloud support to Device42’s Cloud Recommendation Engine (CRE). Users can now get instance recommendations on the Oracle Cloud in addition to recommendations on AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud platform.


Delete corresponding records on job deletion

Prior to v15.20, deleting a discovery job didn’t automatically delete all corresponding records created by that job. Real-world experience made it clear that deleting associated quality score data, queues, etc. when a given job is deleted is a better default behavior. Deleting a discovery job now removes this data automatically, whether the deletion is manual or via the API.


Tag discovered devices

This release adds the ability to configure a discovery job with one or more tags that are then added to all devices discovered by that job. These tags make it simple to figure out exactly which discovery job created or updated a given device CI, to deduce if a given device was created manually, and to simply associate relevant information to subsequently discovered devices.

In support of this new tagging feature, the API now includes the tags and tags_removed parameters on discovery-job related endpoints.



Bug fixes

  • Classic reporting could send multiple emails for a single scheduled report. Fixed.
  • Discovery of virtual F5 appliances could result in an error while updating type and hardware information. Fixed.
  • Attempts to upload backup files >1GB could fail with a “connection reset” error. Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @ /update/

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a 30-day free trial!

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