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Enhanced Discovery Performance and more in v16.08.02

Device42 prides ourselves on being highly responsive to our customers and partners. Whenever a user alerts us to an issue, we prioritize finding a solution and we deliver regular feature improvements and bug fixes to ensure that our solution meets our customers’ needs and expectations.

We are excited to announce the general availability of Device42 v16.08.02, which includes a number of important bug fixes and feature enhancements to ensure the product performs at its highest level, some of which are listed here:

SNMP and Load Balancer Discovery for Netscaler Devices

SNMP and Load Balancer discovery for Netscaler devices is now being processed correctly.

IP Availability Status and Ping Sweep Discovery

Ping Sweep discovery jobs change the Availability status of the IP that is assigned to a device, and is now updated correctly in the Device42 UI.

SSH Discovery Supports SSH v1

SSH discovery jobs for *nix platforms support discovery for SSH v1 environments. When creating the discovery job, be sure to select the Use Alternate SSH and Use Legacy SSH options in the Miscellaneous section of the Add Hypervisors/*nix/win for Autodiscovery  page.

Schedule Processing Improvement for Queue Processing

Device42 has updated job schedule processing to improve job queue performance for pending discovery jobs running on RCs (remote collectors).

Security Updates for Device42 Appliance

The Device42 appliance now includes HTTP Security Headers, and the password autocomplete function has been disabled.

Disable Debug Flag Option

The Device42 Disable Debug option setting is working correctly. Disabling Debug mode can help increase discovery performance and speed. Select Tools > Settings / Debug Flag to choose this option.



Latest Device42 update

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