You Asked, We Delivered – Device42 Storage Discovery is Here

You Asked, We Delivered – Device42 Storage Discovery is Here

One message came through loud and clear when speaking with our customers, partners, and prospects – it is more difficult than ever to manage complex storage environments.

A proliferation of storage options ranging from legacy deployments to cloud options have created a complicated, confusing infrastructure in many enterprises. Not only is there a lack of access to information about what’s in use in the enterprise’s storage network but any effort to document it is quickly rendered out-of-date by frequent changes.

Just as Device42 was originally launched to meet a genuine business need, the ability for IT departments to discover, inventory and map all the dependencies between devices and applications, we are proud to announce we have added storage discovery to our robust system to meet this critical business need. With it, Device42 users now have automated, end-to-end visibility into the storage environment across the enterprise.

In the world of information technology, storage decisions are usually guided in pursuit of profit. This means flexibility is key and the ability to discover, access, troubleshoot, and manage compliance is more critical than ever. Below are four trends in the storage market we noted from talking to customers, partners, analysts, and prospects which prompted us to add this capability to our software.

Hybrid environments are here to stay

Enterprise organizations today are selecting storage solutions that fit their data, which means that some data may be best suited for cloud storage versus on prem. The result is that tracking, managing, and optimizing your storage can be challenging without the right tools. Storage Administrators need one place where they can see everything in their environment.

One-size-fits all solutions from a single vendor don’t work for enterprise organizations

Enterprise organizations have complex applications and specific industry needs. They have workload needs that require advanced features and functionality resulting in a heterogeneous environment of storage vendors. Storage administrators are left with multiple point tools that don’t integrate with one another which makes management and monitoring a challenge. What’s needed is a unified administration interface that brings all of the information together for planning, monitoring, auditing, and troubleshooting.

Focus on business requirements driving storage technology adoption

Applications deal with data in different ways, and so the performance of data storage often depends more on the application than on the underlying storage. Organizations are increasingly looking for storage technologies with SLAs that fit their application needs for performance and uptime. Which means, storage administrators need an accurate view of their entire storage environment, which includes the ability to see the application and network dependencies in near real-time.

Increased emphasis on storage as the last line of defense against cybersecurity attacks

Storage vendors are increasingly adopting more security technologies to protect data as it is stored, moved, and archived. The result is that auditing is critical. Organizations need to ensure they have an accurate, continuously up-to-date view across their environment. In short, IT administrators need to know quickly what’s changed, who made the change and when, and if the change is in compliance with corporate policies.

Device42 Storage Discovery Delivers

Device42’s Storage Discovery overcomes these challenges and delivers automated, end-to-end visibility across both physical and virtual infrastructure for even the most complex environments.

Storage Discovery gives you a centralized information hub for everything storage:

  • Automated, multi-vendor capacity planning and management documentation
  • Near real-time change management history
  • Faster incident response and trouble resolution
  • Simplified compliance and auditing efforts
  • Faster, more accurate, and optimized data center modernization and cloud migration

To learn how Device42 can help you, feel free to reach out directly to speak with our team.

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