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Device42 in VentureBeat with Enhanced Discovery Tools for AIOps

Device42 in VentureBeat with Enhanced Discovery Tools for AIOps

As AIOps continues to expand in IT, it’s quickly becoming clear that data is the new currency for information technology professionals. Having access to the right detailed information about the actual state of complex IT is required to fuel machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The good news is that Device42 now provides more of that data.

Device42 is featured in a recent article in VentureBeat describing added support for additional platforms to its AIOps capabilities, enabling organizations to discover IT resources residing in the cloud and on-premises IT environments.

AIOps is short for “artificial intelligence for IT operations.” AIOps enhance IT resilience by using data and machine learning to help predict and automatically remediate IT issues. This technology depends on a steady diet of accurate, detailed data to diagnose potential problems in the environment. AIOps tools must be regularly fed this data to keep learning and become more accurate the longer they’re in use.

As the article in VentureBeat describes, the larger and more complex an organization becomes, the more difficult it is to monitor changes in the existing infrastructure and diagnose how devices are being employed and for what purpose.

Manually tracking use of cloud resources is especially challenging because they tend to be dynamically consumed and lack a physical presence. Due to this sprawling infrastructure, companies sometimes receive an invoice from a cloud service provider that they never knew was in use. AIOps are a key technology to prevent these kinds of surprises.

The latest Device42 update grants AIOps the ability to automatically discover IT infrastructure employed across a hybrid cloud computing environment. This includes cloud databases, along with other types of cloud services, as well as storage resources in on-premises IT environments.

Once these mixed assets are mapped, IT teams can uncover and map dependencies between multiple services. Further, these tools from Device42 allow IT administrators to uncover potential compliance issues before an audit and also provide insight into opportunities for right-sizing infrastructure.

Device42 plans to continue to add capabilities that increase visibility across complex IT estates and make management and transformation faster, more efficient, and with decreasing risk. The data we uncover is a gold mine for AIOps.

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