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Announcing the Ansible Lookup Plugin

Infrastructure deployed from code is becoming more and more common. Building servers by hand is making sense less and less, and the process is often being bypassed altogether for automated builds and/or containers, instead. There are, however, lots of servers... Read More

API Additions in v14.15.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.15.0 with the following changes: DNS Zones API We have created a new version (v1.1) of DNS Zones API to allow API consumers to create multiple DNS zones with the same name... Read More

Managing Discovery Jobs with RunDeck

Do you have a very large network, or do you already manage a whole lot of scheduled jobs around your environment? Some Device42 users are managing discovery across thousands of subnets, and hundreds of separate auto-discovery jobs! Even if you... Read More

DOQL Support for Asset Types in v14.14

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.14.0 with the following changes: DOQL support for asset types We have expanded DOQL to support returning asset information. View_asset_v1 has been expanded to return the assettype_fk value for each asset record,... Read More