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Why Device42?

One question that comes across is why the name Device42? For those familiar with it, the answer [42] may be obvious; for those not, the inspiration came from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

On a more serious note, “Why Device42?” begs the question: What are the challenges of data center documentation in general, and what quality, affordable tools and/or solutions are available to help tackle them?

One of the main goals at Device42 is creation of a single, simple console that both records and manages all the information you need to run your IT infrastructure smoothly.

That said, these are the basic premises of Device42’s software:

1. Intuitive: An easy to use tool which the user can pick up and use easily. We’re firmly against wasting money on training, etc., and with Device42, there is no need to.
2. No Hassles: A Simple licensing model, Multi-user support… And no clients to install (unless you want them).
3. No Lock in: No lock in. Ever. Easily export your data … anytime!


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