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Device42 New Release

Thank you all for providing your valuable feedback! Today, we’re excited to announce the next release(v2011.09.30) of Device42.

The auto-discovery module still has some minor bugs and we are working hard to fix them as soon as possible. Hence,  we’re holding back the auto-discovery component in this quarter’s release. However we promise it will be out very soon!
That said, we are releasing the following new features. A special thanks to the early adopters for suggesting these changes/enhancements.
  • MAC Address and switch port connectivity. You can add the MAC address, interface name, and switch port a device is connected to when editing a device. This also adds MAC address and Switch port in the IPAM menu.
  • Building address and image. Now you can add an address and Image for a building.
  • Hardware image thumbnail when listing the hardware. Hardware listing shows the image chosen for that hardware.
  • Option to see a  rack when adding a physical device.  When adding or modifying a new physical device, you have the option to see the layout of the specified rack in a new tab without leaving the device edit page.
  • Show IP list for a VLAN when adding any device.  When adding or modifying a device, you can view all the IP addresses assigned to the specified Vlan in a new tab without leaving the device edit page.
  • Rack numbering display changed. When viewing a rack, the numbering is adjacent to the start number.
  • For Harddisk, record raid information as well.  When adding a device, now you can choose if there is hardware or software raid on HD and what type of raid it is.
  • Show room and building for a rack when adding a physical device. When adding or modifying a physical device, you will also see room and building name along with rack name to avoid confusion if same rack name exist between multiple rooms.
Issues Resolved:
  • CPU power bug fixed. Earlier any CPU Hz more than 2 digits would fail. For example, setting a CPU to 900 MHz would fail. That has been fixed with this release.
  • IP Address tag field can be up to 64 characters now.
  • Custom rack numbers were limited to 2 digits before, now these can go as high as 9999.
Immediate Road-map:
  • Auto-discovery
  • DNS records import and possible integration with DNS servers.
We are always eager to know what will make Device42 the perfect Data Center Documentation Tool for you, so please fill out our feedback form.
If you haven’t already downloaded device42, this is the time to do so right here.

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