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Finishing up Auto-discovery module – part I

We are very close to finishing up our auto-discovery module as we are publishing the new release with DNS autodiscovery and just wanted to share some of the changes we went through in this process. We did bring about some changes to our database modeling to make it more flexible. I will be sharing those changes in a series of articles as we publish these modules.Starting with this release, we are publishing DNS autodiscovery module and others coming very soon.

First change you would notice is our version numbering scheme. We are giving up ubuntu style Month.Date.Year numbering and falling back to more traditional major.minor.maintenance numbering. Our first published release with autodiscovery module is 2.0.1. (Last one prior to it was 09.30.2011).

Another change is, we have loosely coupled IP Address from device now. In earlier version IP address always belonged to a device, but auto-discovery(DNS and network) gets tricky with this approach. With the release of DNS auto-discovery module, IP Address can belong to a device or it can be added without device being defined. This brings change in our licensing model as well. Licensing would still be based on # of devices, but max used IPs for that tier would be limited to # of devices multiplied by 5. So, 100 device license would give you 500 IPs that you can add to device42 database.

There are some other changes as well which I would be sharing in next few posts. So stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter here.

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