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Finishing up Auto-discovery module Part – II

Couple of posts ago, I started talking about auto-discovery modules being published and we are very excited to announce the release of new network auto-discovery module.

Starting with release 2.1.0, we would be able to do SNMP discovery from the network devices. Following is supported for now:

  1. Arp Discovery
  2. MAC table discovery &  Port Connectivity for MACs
  3. Basic device details for network device
  4. Subnets from L3 switches/routers.

You would be able to run or schedule the discovery per switch or for all CDP neighbors together.

I discussed few changes in part I of this series. One change our current customers would notice is introduction of Subnets in IPAM menu. For current customers, basically VLAN has been renamed to subnets and VLAN is now more generic L2 VLAN for your network. Subnet can be part of VLAN and you can divide subnets further up as per your design.

Here are the few limitations for now:

  • For Switches/Routers with same name, all the information would be merged together in a single device. Device name has to be unique in device42 database and workaround for now is to change the name for the switch or router.
  • When doing auto-discover with discovery for CDP neighbors being enabled, if CDP neighbor has different credentials, we would not be able to perform snmp discovery on that neighbor. Workaround for now is to add the neighbor as a separate device for auto-discovery.

If you haven’t started using device42 yet, download your copy(release 2.0.2) here, get the latest update(2.1.1)  and get started on a path to better documentation!

In next post in this series, I will discuss how we will tie all together with APIs for device(or server) discovery.

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