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Hardware components and spare parts management

Thanks for your constant feedback in helping us make device42 a better data center inventory management software. In this blog post I would discuss the hardware components and spare parts management feature to be introduced in the upcoming release v3.

Tabs in device view


We are adding tabs in the device view to keep the information overload manageable in the web console. The information is being split into 4 tabs:

  • Properties: This tab contains all the information visible in earlier versions like summary of cpu, ram, operating system, rack location, mac address and IP address.
  • Hardware: All additional hardware details like detailed CPU, memory, harddisk and other hardware components like NIC cards, HBA cards.
  • Asset LM: For Asset lifecycle management. This tab would have contract, purchase, asset lifecycle and QR code information.
  • Other: We are adding device url and custom fields in this tab.

Harddisk details


This feature was added in v2.4 as a collapsable field. Now it moves under hardware tab with the lookup button instead of dropdown to choose or add new harddisk. You can record harddisk types, counts, what raid group it belongs to etc.

Memory and CPU details



Add detailed info for memory and CPU modules.

Additional hardware cards like NIC, HBA cards etc.


All additional hardware components like daughter cards, Host bus adapters, switch modules can be added to the Hardware components details section.

Spare parts managements

We added a new menu tab for hardware components. Under Datacenter > HW Components you can manage all the above mentioned components. Optionally you can keep a count of these modules/components and see how many are in use and where. Following two images show that.



So, now if you wish, you can keep an inventory of all the spare parts in device42 and keep track in the easy to use web interface.

v3 public beta would be available soon for download, please send us a note at [email protected] if you wish to be notified as soon as the release is published.


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