We are skipping v300 public and going straight to v310!


This is a placeholder post while we update the actual release notes for v310.

We are super excited to announce public availability of release v310 and here is a quick checklist of the features that have been added. We would be updating documentation and auto-discovery client soon. Please reach out to us for any questions meanwhile.

Quick bullet list of new features.

  • All the features discussed for v300 beta in previous blog posts.
  • Display back to back devices in the rack. Yes, half depth device support is finally here!
  • Add and display assets like patch panels, filler panels in the rack.
  • PDUs and PDUs port recording.
  • PDU display in (or around) the rack.
  • Import racked devices using excel sheet.
  • Better device discovery with basic CPU and memory info.(since v300 beta)
  • GET APIs to get basic information regarding a device like where it is mounted and info on support vendor.(since v300 beta)
  • Ability to manage image files for hardware, asset or PDU images.

The complete list is rather huge and we would soon release a new post outlining all the new features in v300 and v310 combined. Please follow us on twitter for the latest news.

What is changing?

There is one change for current customers and that is the fields for hardware support expiry. This fields would be migrated under the purchase section in asset lifecycle management tab for the device. So information would be same, but this would give you better control and more input fields. This change also brings corresponding change in the device reporting.

Update script would automatically migrate current support data to that field. Please suggest us what you would like to see in reporting for purchase and contract sections.

Update file is now available

We are still working on uploading the new appliances for v310. (New users trying out the software can download the v250 appliance and apply the update file for v310 to get to latest build for now.)

Update is available at:


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