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IP address management enhancements coming in v4.0.0

IP address management becomes easier for vrf groups and nested subnets in v4.0.0 with following enhancements.

Merge subnet into parent



If you want to merge 1 or more child subnets into a parent subnet, you will be able to do that now with “merge to parent” option as highlighted in the image above. It asks for confirmation page as shown below and you would be taken to the parent subnet view page upon success.



Add a subnet in VRF into an existing parent child relation


simpler ip address management with auto placement for nested subnets


In the earlier versions, if you tried to add a nested subnet in a vrf group, it would give you error that “overlapping subnets in a vrf group should be in parent child relation”. Starting with v4.0.0, it would be possible to add such a subnet and it would automatically place the subnet in right relation as shown in the gif above.

MAC address vlan assignment based on IP address properties

Just another step to make documentation simpler using existing data: If IP address subnet has parent vlan assigned and mac associated with IP has no vlan assigned, then upon saving the IP address, the vlan automatically gets assigned to the mac address. This doesn’t change if mac address already has vlan assigned.

Bug fixes

  • DNS record deletion if multiple domains were scanned and auto-delete was enabled.
  • % used was not calculated if subnet begin range and end range were not populated.

Better IP address management coming soon!

v4.0.0 is coming soon to a CDN near you very soon! We would be publishing the update file and the new downloadable image early next week.

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