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Cable management, room layout, switch impact charts and much more with v4.0.0

Many thanks for the tremendous feedback on helping us make device42 a better data center management software. We are super excited about v4.0.0. This release brings few major features that have been on our list for a while. Some of these have been discussed in detail in previous device42 blog posts regarding v4.0.0 beta. The following summarizes the new features in v4.0.0.

Patch cable management


Patch cable management was released in the v4 beta and it has evolved a bit as it hits public release in this version. You can read more about these in these previous blog posts:

Structured cable management. evolved.
Patch cable management with v4.0.0 beta

Room Layouts for visual data center management


Room layout with heat maps based on rack U capacity and drag & drop functionality is here! We are excited about this module and you can read more about it at: Visualize your data center with room layout view.

Switch Templates


We are happy to announce switch templates with this release. Now you can instantly create switches and switch ports in different configurations. This was discussed in more details in previous blog post titled simpler data center management with network switch templates.

Switch port visualization


Network visualization made simpler with this new module. Above is an example of a visualization for a single switch with all ports and connected devices.

Extended historical logging


Audit logs in device42 get a face lift with extended functionality including complete change logs showing what changed, API logging, and logging of excel imports. You can read more at the post labeled: extended historical logging for datacenter management software.

IP address management enhancements


You can now merge a nested subnet into the parent and create nested subnets with automatic placement in a vrf group. These changes and more were discussed in earlier post: IP address management enhancements.

Password page inactivity timer

In the earlier versions, inactivity for 60 seconds or more would log you out. We have added that as a configurable option now under Tools > Settings.

APIs for contract and purchases

Adding contracts, purchases and assigning devices/assets to same becomes much easier now with introduction of RESTful APIs for these.

Other API enhancements

  • Added switch ports to the mac address API call.
  • Added DNS CNAME and MX records.

Known Issues

  • In windows 8 room layout drag and drop doesn’t work in chrome and firefox
  • The patch panel display has an issue with showing switch ports for a switch in a rack
  • In the patch panel display, if there are multiple connections to same device, the description hover text is overlaid

Download data center management software device42 now

v4.0.0 is now available on device42 download page and current customers can grab the update file from device42 update page.

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