SNMP discovery using a range of IPs with v4.3.4

Based on the feedback from Alex, we have added optional end IP and mask bits to the network snmp auto-discovery. It makes it easier to discover network devices in a certain IP range. Combined with CDP/LLDP neighbor discover, you can now discover more with less data entry. v4.3.4 also has some other changes and bug fixes as discussed below.

Making SNMP discovery range bound


We have added optional end IP and mask bits to the network switch auto-discovery. This means your older discovery entries will keep working without any changes. End IP is optional and is required(with mask bits) only if you want to run the discovery for an IP range.

Switch filtering by location


Under Physical device view, we have added filter for switch, blade chassis and virtual host. Now you can filter devices by network switch and by location.

Cosmetic changes

  • Hardware specifications url is now clickable from the view page(if the url contains http:// or https:// etc.)
  • Devices part of a cluster are now clickable(From list and view page).
  • Switch impact chart uses a better algorithm to calculate the graph size.
  • Device view page shows last edited date.
  • List page for Device Physical, blade, virtual, cluster, unknown and other show last edited column instead of notes.
  • Bulk delete option was added for vServer auto-discovery.

Bug Fixes

  • VLAN merge didn’t work correctly. This was fixed in interim release 4.3.3 and is now part of general release
  • Deleting a mac address associated with a patch panel port resulted in deletion of the patch panel port. Now it sets the port mac association to null.
  • Similarly deleting cable type and port type will not delete the associated patch panel port anymore.

General availability

Update file for v4.3.4 is available on device42 update page.

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