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Improved network auto-discovery and switch impact visualization with v4.3.2

SNMP network discovery now includes option to get all switch ports with remote port connectivity and up/down status. Changes in v4.3.2 are discussed below.

Changes to switch port properties


We have added few new fields per switch port :

  • up : whether port is up or not
  • up admin : whether port is administratively up or not
  • count : Does the port count in the total? For example, do you want to ignore VLAN ports in total count or not.
  • Discovered port type : Port type as discovered by network auto-discovery. This can be used to bulk filter certain port types to delete or mark as not counted. Also, shows up in auto-discovery option to ignore or not count that port type while running the snmp discovery.
  • remote port : If the port is connected to another switch port.
  • don’t change remote port via api : Don’t change the remote port via api. This is useful if you manually change the remote port and don’t want snmp auto-discovery or api call to override it.
  • last edited : Time stamp when the port was last edited. (This will default to time of update for already existing ports in device42 for current users)

SNMP network discovery option to get all switch ports


Following options have been added to network snmp auto-discovery:
Ignore domain name suffix: You can now ignore domain suffix from the network device name with this option.
Get all switch ports: This option will grab all switch ports as per device compatibility matrix. New discovered properties: whether port is up, administratively up, discovered port type and remote switch port connectivity.
Delete older mac associations after: Keep mac associations automatically updated. If a mac address doesn’t appear on a switch port anymore, it will delete that mac address. Use zero for immediate purge at the discovery.
Discovered port types to ignore: You can choose not to bring certain discovered port types in as switch ports with this option. First time, you will have to manually delete those switch ports after discovery and then add that discovered port type to ignore list before running next discovery.
Discovered port types not to count: You can choose not to count certain discovered port types. First time, you will have to manually mark those switch ports as not counted after discovery and then add that discovered port type to not to count list before running next discovery.

Switch impact visualization with option to follow the remote connectivity

switch impact visualization
We have added “follow remote ports” option for switch impact chart. This will show switch impact for all remote connected switches as well.

Get switch port count status from the rack layout hover over


Rack layout hover over now shows total counted ports and up port count for any switch.

Device name character limit increased

Device name character limit has been increased to 48.

Added run report to vmware auto-discovery

We have added a new text field to log for what was added or changed during last vmware auto-discovery.

Bug fixes

  • If you deleted back connected patch panel port, it deleted the front port. This is now fixed to set the other port back connectivity as null and doesn’t delete the port.
  • ipAddress failure for vmware auto-discovery for VMs with 3rd party tools is now fixed.
  • vcpu count for virtual in vmware discovery was not coming over correctly.
  • rack hover over failed if the blade device name contained any non-english alphabets. It is now fixed to support international character set.

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