IP Address Management enhancements in v5

This is another in the series of posts discussing the new features in v5. Based on user feedback, we have made following changes to IP Address Management in device42:

Subnet service level and type


You can now assign service levels to subnets. This is similar to service levels assigned to devices.
Also, a new optional field is the type of subnets. You can now mark subnets as static, DHCP or reserved.

IP address bulk relocation


You can bulk select IP addresses now and move them to a different subnet. Subnets are suggested based on the first selected IP. IPs that don’t fit in the range of the selected subnets are obviously ignored and other IPs are moved.

Create child subnet from the command line

We have added a new API call to create a child subnet. All you need is the parent subnet id and the mask bits. The API is documented at:

DNS records simplified


Instead of having separate objects for each record type, we have created a single category for all the record types. Record type is now a field. You can filter by record type. With this:

  • DNS record discovery is much faster.
  • It will be easier to add any new record types.
  • Single API call to add/edit records. (/api/1.0/records/)

IP address management, the easy way with device42

Still hanging on to your IPAM.xls? We think it is time to let go! Give device42 a test drive and find out what you are missing out on.

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