Auto-Discovery Bug fixes with v5.3.1

Auto-discovery bug fixes in v5.3.1 are discussed below.

Correct UUID matching

If the discovered UUID’s case didn’t match from multiple discovery methods, device import didn’t work correctly or some cases didn’t work at all. This is now fixed. This will work better with v3.1.1 of the auto-discovery client that includes fix for Microsoft’s way of handling the UUID.

Cisco UCS auto-discovery error handling

If connection attempt failed for Cisco UCS Manager, the task status was left in “task is running” and user had to manually clear the status before starting the task again. This is now fixed.

Better error handling for vmware auto-discovery

In certain edge cases, some VMs were not discovered and nothing was written to the logs either. This is now fixed.

Hardware alias added to global search

Hardware alias was missing from the global search, which has been added with this version.

v5.3.1 availability

You can upgrade to v5.3.1 from the device42 update page.

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