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Find next available slot and bug fixes with v5.3.5

Trying to guess where the device goes in the rack next? Now find the next available slot with click of a button. All the changes in v5.3.5 are discussed below.

Find next available slot for rack elevation


While mounting a device, asset or PDU to the rack, you can just press the Find next slot button and it will automatically find the next available slot for you.

Beta International language support

As we are starting to work on international language support, we have introduced option to change the language. Please note that this is in beta and we have not started work on the translations yet. You can get the localization through this for now. Your inputs on translations will be much appreciated.

Showing IP in the device or PDU hover over in rack elevation display


On the rack layout page, you can now see upto 3 IPs on a device or PDU.

API enhancements

  • In line with find next slot button, we have introduced start_at=auto for all APIs related to mounting an object in the rack. This will automatically find the next available slot and mount the object.
  • Rack device import API now gets option to use building name, room name and rack name instead of figuring out the rack id. rack_id option is still available.
  • You can now pass time in asset lifecycle management date field.
  • You can now pass the vlan number for swithport import API call. If that VLAN exists on the switch, it will be associated with the switch port.

Bug fixes

  • Port description for Juniper EX and SRX series switches was not coming over correctly. Now fixed.
  • Certain hardware manufacturers give a generic serial # of 1234567890 or 0 for various autodiscovery methods. When this happened, the same device record was being updated and new devices were not created. Starting with this version, these 2 serial #s will be ignored in device API calls or for internal auto-discovery methods.
  • Citrix Xen discovery was discovering some system manufacturer and hardware info with SMBIOS warning message. We strip the warning message now.
  • Strip domain suffix was not working for Citrix Xen auto-disocvery, now fixed.

Grab the update file

Current users can grab the update file here: /update/.

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