Grid numbering for room layout and variable width and depth for the racks and other objects in the room in v7.1.2

Based on popular demand, grid numbering for the room layout and more changes are here for better server room management. All the changes in this release are discussed below.

Grid Numbering for the room layout


You can now add grid numbers on your server room layouts. The numbering can be numeric or alphabetic and can have user-defined starting sequence.

Variable grid size for each object in the room layout


You can now re-size the racks and other objects in the room like AC, Breaker panel etc. to the 1/10th of the grid size. Rack’s minimum size could be half of the grid and other objects could be upto 1/10th of the grid size.

Hostname precedence in network device discovery


We have added an option to give precedence to the discovered hostname in the network device discovery.

Location in QR codes


You can now embed the location of the device, asset or rack in the QR code. This is useful if the location doesn’t change for those asset types.

API Changes

  • Device GET API call, get a new include_cols called “calculated_location”. This is same as location as displayed in the GUI. It is not shown by default.
  • For Device GET filters, you can filter for devices that are not racked or not in a room by passing empty values to rack and room filter.
  • For Device GET filters – added custom fields filters. You can filter for custom fields by custom_fields_and or custom_fields_or with fieldname:value separated by commas.

Bug Fixes

  • In some edge cases, the PDU ports were being re-created with auto-discovery. This is fixed with this release and also requires an update to the power appliance.
  • If there was a daisy chain PDU connection, the connectivity layout page was not being displayed. Now fixed.

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