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Device42 Launches New Asset Management Integration with Jira Service Desk

Link your assets to Jira Service Desk tickets and see their entire service history in one place!

We are very excited to announce the release of our Atlassian Jira Service Desk integration for cloud-based platforms! Device42’s Jira Service Desk integration has been completely re-imagined for this release. You can now enjoy all the features of the Device42-Jira Service Desk integration no matter which platform (self-hosted or cloud-based) you use! See Atlassians announcement here!

High-tech businesses can’t waste time ‘searching’ for asset details

Today’s business is unquestionably fast-moving. Both customers and internal employees live in a high-tech world, and desire, in one form or another, the same high-quality, instantly satisfying and low-cost user-experiences we have become accustomed to everywhere in our lives. This seemingly insatiable demand has led businesses of all shapes and sizes to increasingly become more and more tech-oriented, no matter what their core business focus. In an effort to stay competitive while delivering  the ‘holy grail’ interaction experience (high quality, reliability, and low-cost) that the market can’t get enough of, businesses are increasingly turning to technology as their go-to “weapon of choice”.

With business constantly turning to tech, even business that thought they could keep their distance from tech have become tech-oriented (everything from auctions with eBay to taxicabs with Lyft), and are amassing quite the formidable technical portfolio. As this tech growth trend continues, these and other enterprises are faced with a mounting challenge: now that tech is part of their business, they also must stay competitive there, and at the same time they attempt to maintain up-to-date inventories of their physical, virtual, and cloud servers. The ever growing popularity of cloud-based infrastructure and it’s minimal barriers-to-entry vs. physical infrastructure combined with containerization and software-defined everything makes it the solution of choice, and further fuels the ongoing explosion in the number of of assets an IT organization must stay on top of.

By the time the latest IPAM.XLS spreadsheet can be tracked down, it’s already outdated. Visio diagrams look good, but they only made sense when server instances had lifespans of years. Now that creating a visio representation of network takes more time than the average network stays looking the same, the solution simply doesn’t scale.

Enter Device42, the self-documenting DCIM platform with comprehensive auto-discovery, application dependency mapping, and so much more. Device42 will discover all of the hardware, software, and inter-dependencies across your deployment whether physical, virtual, or cloud, and once configured, does all this for you automatically, so you can focus on doing whatever it is that your business does best!

Device42 assets become a part of Jira Service Desk ticketsD42 asset in Jira

Connect Device42 to Jira and your Device42 asset details (including timestamps, device type, and service status, and more) become a part of the Jira ticket itself, all natively visible on the Jira UI.
Each Jira issue-linked asset also includes a quick link back to its dedicated page. One click and you’re on that asset’s Device42 details page where you can both edit device details and see its entire Jira ticket history.

create jira issue d42

Create Jira issues from any Device42 asset

Create a new ticket in Jira right from the asset details screen in Device42. Working with an existing Jira issue? Associate it with the Device42 asset with a single click!
Simply select “Add Jira Issue” and you are on your way! Of course, you’ll be able to see it in Jira, too!

Native search for Device42 Assets in Jira

Searching for items sync’d from Device42 has never been easier! Attached Device42 assets can be found utilizing native Jira search functions, including Atlassian’s JQL for advanced searches — natively!

Jira ticket history becomes part of your assets

Besides attaching Devices to tickets, with the Device42-Jira asset connector, businesses can see every assets entire Jira ticket history by simply looking at the asset’s details page in Device42! You’ll see the entire Jira ticket history attached to the bottom of each asset, plus the important details including who reported it, who it’s assigned to, its current status, and more!

Take the guesswork out of locating troubled assets, and forget about chasing down a report. It’s all here.

Connect Device42 to Jira today! Visit the Atlassian Marketplace

Read the release notes here. Looking for the Device42’s Jira/Server, or one of our other Atlassian Integrations?

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