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Introducing the Device42 + PowerBI Integration, Connect Directly to your CMDB with ODBC

Device42 is excited to announce our newest integration: The PowerBI ODBC connector! With the new ODBC connector, users can not only directly access accurate data in the Device42 CMDB from PowerBI, but can also extract powerful business intelligence (BI) directly from their auto-discovered IT assets and deployment details.

Visit the Device42 PowerBI integration page to download now (opens in new tab/window)!


Valuable Business Intelligence Directly from your Device42 CMDB

PowerBI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization. Using the brand new Device42 ODBC connector, you can link PowerBI directly to and pull accurate, up-to-date data from your Device42 CMDB, which is automatically maintained by Device42’s comprehensive auto-discovery.

Use this powerful integration to directly access the wealth of data stored in your Device42 CMDB and you’ll be able to:

  • Pull business intelligence directly from your Device42 CMDB’s wealth of accurate IT infrastructure information
  • Create and share custom dashboards and powerful interactive reports
  • Get the details you need for informed decision-making by leveraging data from across your organization’s entire IT deployment
  • Plus, leverage the new ODBC driver to access the valuable data in your Device42 CMDB from other ODBC-compatible data consumers!


Quickly Extract and Analyze Data

With direct access to your Device42 CMDB, users are empowered to quickly analyze and extract BI from any and all of their auto-discovered IT infrastructure information.

No matter your industry or the location of your IT infrastructure – physical, virtual, or cloud – Device42 + PowerBI empowers you to discover and analyze the aspects of your IT enterprise that are most important to you, helping ensure you make decisions that benefit your business’ bottom line.

PowerBI Listeners report example
PowerBI VM inventory report

Powerful Visualizations

It can be a lot easier to make sense of complex data sets with the right visualizations. With PowerBI & Device42, you can do just that.

Connect to your Device42 CMDB and leverage its wealth of accurate, up-to-date information about any and all facets of your enterprise’s IT deployment.


Getting Started with the Device42 ODBC Driver

To download the Device42 ODBC driver, simply visit the PowerBI integration page – click here.

By combining PowerBI & Device42, you’re able to create and generate reports, customize dashboards, and more. You can even combine data from Device42 with other data sources already in use to create and share the ultimate executive summaries! Simply install the Device42 ODBC connector on any Windows-based machine and start unlocking the secrets your IT enterprise data holds. Take advantage of a whole new level of business intelligence today!

For complete setup and usage information, see the Device42 PowerBI/ODBC documentation page.

Bring new life to your enterprise IT deployment data by looking at it through the lens of PowerBI.

Not currently a Device42 customer? Download a 30-day trial here — Completely Free!
To download the Device42 ODBC driver, stop by the Miscellaneous tools page.

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