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Discovery Enhancements and more in v16.18.00

Discovery Enhancements Overview

At our core, Device42 is the most comprehensive discovery solution available on the market thanks to both the breadth of assets we discover and the depth of detail we report for those assets. In release v16.18.00,  we have continued to improve our discovery services by adding support across Cloud/PaaS Databases, Listener Ports, and adding support for additional database clusters including AWS Aurora.

The additional discovery support will ensure that users have the most accurate and up-to-date inventory of IT assets within their environments. This will empower users to make better decisions in both their day-to-day IT operations and also provide them with the context they need to more quickly respond to IT incidents, outages, and other disruptive events. Comprehensive auto-discovery results also help users more quickly respond to audits and achieve compliance as well as plan for modernization and transformation initiatives such as cloud migrations.

Enhanced Cloud / PaaS Database Discovery

Cloud database autodiscovery for GCP and MS Azure platforms and RDS resource autodiscovery for AWS platforms now provides enhanced database endpoint details.

Expanded Service Listener Port IP Table

Device42 has expanded its Service Listener port IP table to better calculate and report active listener port IPs. Note that this improvement involves migrating service listeners to pre-calculate all applicable IPs which can result in a longer upgrade time than the usual approximately 5 minutes per every 1 million Service Listeners. To see how many service listeners you currently have, select  Apps > Services >Service Listener Ports to see the  port count total.

Autodiscovery for Google Cloud SQL Platforms and AWS Aurora Clusters: Early Adopter Preview Feature

Device42 has added a preview feature for PaaS database autodiscovery for SQL platforms on GCP and Aurora clusters on AWS to continue to develop our depth of coverage across all Cloud Service Providers. Returned information includes Cloud Resource, Storage Record, and Relationship and Compute records. Contact [email protected] for more information about enabling these preview discovery features.

Bug Fixes

  • Device42 has improved our discovery details for AWS RHEL5. Hypervisor / *nix / Windows autodiscovery now successfully fully discovers AWS EC2 instances running RHEL5.
  • Certificate autodiscovery now adds only a single certificate for each discovered unique port. Previously, multiple certificates were added if duplicate ports were encountered.
  • Adding a user manually using Tools > Admins & Permissions > Administrators >Add Active Directory Admin successfully adds the username with the correct Username login Style defined on the Active Directory/LDAP Settings page.
  • Warranty Sync autodiscovery correctly updates Purchase information for Dell Version 5 device warranties.




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