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Top ITAM Tools for 2023

Top ITAM Tools for 2023

Organizations rely on IT asset management (ITAM) software to track and optimize the management of IT hardware and software, including digital, physical, and virtualized technologies. ITAM solutions are financial and risk management tools, enabling organizations to centrally manage asset purchases, contracts, warranties, and other documents related to IT assets, as well as identify dependencies that represent business and operational risks. By providing automated discovery and clear visibility into an organization’s broad and ever-changing asset base, teams can improve asset spending, management, security, and other processes. 

Teams have two choices: They can purchase a stand-alone ITAM solution and then add other capabilities, which increases cost and complexity. Or, they can look for a next-generation ITAM solution that is packaged with a configuration management database (CMDB), IP address management (IPAM), and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities, and also provides IT service management integrations. 

An enhanced ITAM solution provides IT teams with better value for their investment and offers holistic and granular visibility into asset holdings, their change and configuration status, connections, risks, and performance.

Device42 Ranked #1 in IT Asset Management Report

Device42 was recently ranked the leading Champion in Info-Tech’s Emotional Footprint Report, IT Asset Management – Midmarket. The report measures user sentiment across 25 provocative questions to assess overall feeling toward vendors and products. The top-ranked solutions were:

RankProductCX ScoreNet Emotional FootprintValue Index
2Asset Panda8.58882
3Manage Engine Asset Explorer8.38185
4Manage Engine Endpoint Central8.28085
5ServiceNow Asset Management7.67081
6Ivanti Neurons for ITAM7.57175

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to select the right ITAM solution for your organization. Here is a roundup of ITAM software products for 2023. We include both Info-Tech rated providers, as well as other solution vendors in the market. 

The following analysis assumes that all of the solutions below offer core ITAM capabilities and instead looks for differentiating characteristics of these tools. It is based on web data available at the end of 2022. Solution features necessarily get updated, and customers’ actual results with these solutions may vary.

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Device42 Alternatives


Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management capabilities including powerful asset auto–discovery and configurable asset types to completely document all IT assets across organizations’ hybrid cloud deployments. IT teams can use Device42 to visualize critical relationships between assets.


  • Provides ITAM, CMDB, IPAM, and DCIM capabilities in a single solution for added value. 
  • Ranked as the #1 IT asset management solution for the mid-market by Info-Tech based on the customer experience provided. 
  • Offers agentless continuous auto-discovery, with an agent-based option also available.
  • Provides auto-discovery of all applications, from the bottom up.
  • Maps dependencies between applications, services, and devices.
  • Speeds time to deployment with the option to create predefined asset types. 
  • Enables tracking of software licenses to improve these management processes.
  • Provides deep warranty insights, with automatic checking, reporting, and tracking.
  • Integrates with ITSM tools such as JIRA, ZenDesk, and ServiceNow. 
  • The ITAM solution scales from small to large asset bases; subscription pricing is asset-based. 
  • Enables comprehensive discovery using a variety of protocols to discover legacy solutions such as mainframes, all the way to the latest technologies, such as containers.
  • Capterra reviews speak to the strength of Device42’s customer service.


  • No freemium or basic offering.


AssetPanda offers an IT asset tracking solution that provides network auto-discovery, mobile device management, ticketing and automated inventory solutions.


  • Enables users to access and update IT asset data from their smartphones.
  • Users can customize the software to their own internal processes.
  • Integrates with industry-leading tools including JIRA, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.
  • Also integrates with Lansweeper, Jamf, Cisco Meraki, OneLogin, Connectwise, Microsoft Active Directory, Okta and Google Workspace.


  • Doesn’t offer CMDB, DCIM, or IPAM capabilities.

BMC Helix Discovery

BMC Helix Discovery is a SaaS-based, cloud-native discovery and dependency modeling system that provides instant visibility into hardware, software, and services dependencies across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.


  • Offers agentless discovery of assets and their dependencies across complex infrastructure.
  • Enables teams to begin asset discovery from any point in their IT infrastructure.
  • Provides a robust and continually updated library of asset data.
  • Integrates into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Offers flexible deployment options.


  • Offers both CMDB and ITSM capabilities as separate solutions; the ITSM solution does not offer external integrations.
  • Does not offer IPAM or DCIM capabilities.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Device42 and BMC Helix Discovery features.

Firescope SDDM

Matrix 42 offers Firescope SDDM, which provides secure discovery and dependency mapping of IT assets. It collects data from network traffic to enable users to capture all of their IT assets and understand their dependencies.


  • Provides automated discovery, keeping asset data up-to-date.
  • Proactively alerts on potential security issues.
  • Integrates with CMDB data.


  • Does not offer other CMDB, IPAM, and DCIM capabilities.
  • Does not appear to offer ITSM integrations.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Device42 and Firescope SDDM.


Ivanti provides interlocking solutions that offer real-time visibility into IT assets, map linkages between data center services and dependencies, and provide a total view of endpoints. 



  • Organizations have to purchase separate solutions for ITAM and dependency mapping rather than gaining them in a single offering.
  • The solution does not offer CMDB, DCIM, or IPAM capabilities. 


Flexera is a SaaS-based cloud migration and analytics platform with ITAM capabilities. It discovers software and hardware and reduces risk and spend through optimization and controls shadow IT.


  • Offers automated discovery of all assets. 
  • Provides embedded insights for negotiating contract agreements and renewals.
  • Flexera’s automated reclamation process removes unused software, saving companies money. 


  • Doesn’t provide CMDB, DCIM, or IPAM capabilities. 
  • Doesn’t appear to offer ITSM integrations. 

ManageEngine Asset Explorer and ManageEngine Endpoint Central 

A web-based ITAM software solution to manage network assets across their lifecycle. 


  • Provides auto-discovery of all assets. 
  • Offers an integrated CMDB. 
  • Streamlines software license compliance. 
  • Has freemium, trial, and professional versions.
  • Also offers an integrated endpoint management solution.


  • Doesn’t offer DCIM or IPAM capabilities. 
  • Doesn’t appear to offer ITSM integrations. 

Tanium Asset 

Tanium Asset discovers and monitors devices, users, software, hardware, and all related activity on the network. 


  • Tanium Asset provides automated discovery of all assets. 
  • It provides both ITAM and DCIM capabilities. 
  • The solution integrates with CMDBs. 
  • Tanium Asset integrates into a variety of other Tanium solutions for endpoint management, security, and compliance. 


  • Doesn’t provide CMDB or IPAM capabilities. 
  • Tanium Asset is a module, rather than a standalone solution.
  • Tanium’s focus is enhancing endpoint security. As a result, solution updates may focus on extending security capabilities rather than extending ITAM resources, such as offering richer reporting. 

ServiceNow Asset Management 

Automate the end-to-end lifecycle for software licenses, hardware assets, and cloud—on one platform.


  • Extends ServiceNow’s ITSM capabilities with integrated asset management capabilities. 
  • Provides a common services data model and integrated CMDB. 
  • Optimizes software license management. 


  • Doesn’t offer DCIM or IPAM capabilities. 

Get Started with an Integrated ITAM Solution Today 

Your team can use this blog to review solutions, including their ability to auto-discover and maintain assets and provide other capabilities. 

While you can pay for stand-alone services, why not simplify deployment and day-to-day operations with an all-in-one solution from Device42? Only Device42 provides all of the capabilities you need to optimize IT asset management, with an integrated ITAM, CMDB, DCIM, and IPAM solution that also integrates with best-of-breed ITSM tools. 

Track your IT assets and their dependencies, reducing business risk and cost, while using insights to continually improve operational processes.

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