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Device Discovery Support Additions in Remote Collector v18.09.01

Device Discovery Support Additions in Remote Collector v18.09.01

Release Date: August 9, 2023

Release Overview

The Remote Collector (RC) v18.09.01 release provides device discovery improvement and several bug fixes. The most recent Main Appliance (MA) version was v18.09.00, released July 27, 2023.

To download the Remote Collector v18.09.01, please visit /update/.

Improved Device Discovery Support

The Device42 v18.09.01 RC includes improved SNMP discovery support for the following devices:

  • FS Switches – Discovery now available for NC8200 and NC8400 Series. This discovery will return standard SNMP data, OS, Serial Number, Connectivity and Parts. 
  • Planet Technology Switches – Discovery now available for Planet Tech Switches, which would include OS, Serial Number and Connectivity Data. 

Bug Fixes

  • Tripplite PDU: data will now correctly display and return standard data, OS and model name.
  • Sudo related failures, present after 18.07.00, have been corrected.
  • Performance issues were occurring, related to large hypervisor scans.
  • IPv6 failures were occuring. 
  • Hypervisor scans of specific subnet ranges were failing.

Looking for support on an SNMP discovery not currently in Device42? Take advantage of our SNMP Output System!

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